Easy And quick steps to use Cpay

We would like to take the opportunity to introduce to you the easiest way to increase your sales and revenue from reservations.

Integrate API on your site

Add a very easy and a well-guided trade facility API on your site by which confirmfly.com’s customers can make registration and  bookings on your system

Book Online With Merchants site

Confirmfly.com's 680+ ever-growing Travel Partners will log in 'sign in as Confirmfly.com's Partner' or their registered login and can make reservation for all the products on your website.

Make your transactions quick and easy

Where travel agencies can access full travel content/Products directly from you as a travel Marchant/Supplier and confirmfly will provide the booking process faster by using the Travel partner’s confirmfly balance.

Settle with Cpay

As per the commercial agreement with Marchant/Supplier confirmfly.com will settle the amount. There couldn’t be an easier way than Cpay.


Build Trusted Relationships With Customers

Enjoy a 0% transaction failure rate, 20% growth in basket size and upto 2x increase in frequency of purchases with Cpay check out.

Take Control of your Customers’ User Experience

  • Provide the Convenience of 1-Tap Check Out
  • Help Customers Budget Effortlessly with Pay Later
  • Ensure Buyer Protection With Real-time Refunds And Chargeback Protection
  • API’s & SDK’s which are lightweight and easy to integrate
  • Enjoy seamless integration with your favourite platforms and paymentproviders.
any queistions ?

Frequently Asked Questions

We are always happy to answer your questions, keep in touch if you do not find your answers

1. How travel agencies will get connected with Travel Marchant / member.

Www.Confirmfly.Com have 680+ ever-growing Travel partners who are dealing in cash & credit base, cpay.ws will provide a facility between your site and travel partners, where they can directly register with you by “sign in as a confirmfly account” or register as a “confirmfly account holder”. Or by any other method as you will permit them to register on your website as a travel agent.

2. How Cpay will help Travel Marchant / member.

Cpay will buy Flight / Visa /Hotel /Tour / Accommodation / City Tour / holiday Homes/ Travel Packages and sell to its travel Partners who are a client of Www.Confirmfly.Com (Al Saffron Travel & Tourism LLC based in RAK, UAE) in real-time, without any human interference. It will increase the bookings on travel Marchant’s website by giving access to 680+ existing travel agencies and more as they will keep joining Www.Confirmfly.Com.

3. How www.Confirmfly.com’ s Client will pay to Travel Marchent ?

As mentioned all bookings will be done through Cpay so payment will be done by www.confirmfly.com (Al Saffron Travel & Tourism LLC based in RAK, UAE) as per commercials or mutually agreed terms.

4. How much secure is cpay.ws

Trade using cpay are secured with our secured servers and industries high level encryption methods, as we keeps all payment information on secure servers. Your sales, payments, prices, offers and statement of Marchant account will be as secure as in bank.

5. Who will give after service to Confirmfly’s travel partner ?

Travel agencies can directly approach Travel Marchant for any modifications, in particular, Flight / Visa /Hotel /Tour / Accommodation / City Tour/holiday Homes/ Travel Packages/ other services. It will save time and effort of Travel agencies. Time changes in flight schedules, rules changes in the particular country in the tour package, hotel rules or any changes in booking notification can be sent to cpay and cpay will distribute to all travel agencies in a real-time basis

6. How to refund to confirmfly’s Travel Agency

Travel Marchant can’t refund directly to Travel Agencies, they have to follow the original payment channel, all refunds & further charges on modifications can be done through cpay.ws (www.confirmfly.com (Al Saffron Travel & Tourism LLC)) only. Cpay will provide the system access to do that with the permission of the travel agency.

Become a Cpay Merchant

Enjoy a 0% transaction failure rate, 20% growth in basket size and upto 2x increase in frequency of purchases with Cpay check out.

Control, Trust & Afordability

Control over your bookings & payment terms

Cpay www.confirmfly.com will not disturb any of the booking processes or after booking, we always help Travel Marchant’s to increase their revenue by benefiting our Travel Partners.

Transparency and trust

Cpay www.confirmfly.com always believes in Transparency and trust in business and always looking for long term In business relations, many of our Travel partners are working with us for more than 10 years.


Cpay platform will provide the facility of issuing flight tickets or other services to our Travel partners without putting any big pressure on Travel Marchant’s pocket and make service so affordable that it’s easy to increase sales.