Features #1

Easy checkout for Flight / Visa /Hotel /Tour / Accommodation / City Tour / holiday Homes Sites

Your ultimate Online platform for Flight / Visa /Hotel /Tour / Accommodation / City Tour / holiday Homes/ Travel Tickets, With Cpay online bookings just got easier and quicker. On Cpay, our travel partners can now directly book all the services provided by your website at any time, without worrying about payment.

Enjoy a 0% transaction failure rate, 20% growth in basket size and up to 2x increase in the frequency of purchases with Simple check out.

  • Provide the Convenience of 1-Tap Check Out
  • Help Travel Agent to Budget Effortlessly with Pay Later
  • Ensure Buyer Protection With Real-time Refunds And Chargeback Protection
Features #2

Build Trusted Relationships With Customers

Cpay is designed specifically for travel agencies, providing them with increased purchasing power and Travel suppliers will get the ability to earn more by selling more. With Cpay, travel agencies can easily process payments to Travel suppliers, to help them grow their businesses. Cpay has the solutions you need to succeed. So why wait? Sign up for Cpay today and start taking your travel Company to the next level!

  • Easy to use
  • Offers safe encryption and monitoring
  • Share your exclusive deals with our clients
  • Cpay payments platform with a single integration
  • Increase your revenue
Features #3

Great for Travel Agencies Great for you.

Every travel company want to grow faster by controlling fixed costs in hiring a new marketing agency, cpay will help you in your faster growth plan to be successful.

  • Merchant Website Integration
  • Fraud Protection
  • Identity
  • Automatic Payments
  • Easy checkout
Features #4

Let's Grow together

Let’s Grow together, you workout on providing the best service and travel product and we help you get more and more customers directly to your b2b website

  • You will get better direct conversion
  • Get higher revenue
  • Have more b2b traffic on the website
  • Get in contact with more potential new customers
  • Close new deals every day.

Explore the unexplored Travel Agent’s Group who have buying capacity for your product.